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Greenhouse Effect

December 21, 2007

Some of you may have noticed the article regarding a greenhouse project in the Tuesday edition of the Ann Arbor News. If not, here is the link to the article. The article generated several calls to Doug Bacon yesterday to offer funds, as well as some in-kind services on the project. We greatly appreciate the support. Seeing Joey and Mr. Ealy talking about the greenhouse brought home one of the reasons why Saline is great community. For those of you who have been around a while, Mr. Ealy was the face of the Saline High School Science Department for many years. His ability to pass on the history of the greenhouse to a student who wants to help also passes along a tradition of having pride in our school district. Good luck Joey – it’s going to take hard work to pull the project off – we know you can do it.

Thanks also to Doug Bacon for coordinating that effort from the school side. If you have questions about project, give Doug a call at 429-8007.

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