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January 13, 2008

I’m looking for some feedback on what the community finds useful about our website and also what are some features we should look to add in order to improve its usefulness. If you have looked around recently, you probably have noticed that over the last 4 months we have updated our individual school pages, community education and athletics.

The athletics page has taken some giant steps forward in the last couple months. Athletic Director Rob White has connected with a couple students who seem to “get” technology better than most and are eager to help.

As you can imagine, it takes numerous staff members to create and maintain accurate content for the site. We currently do not have a dedicated webmaster. We have our system administrator – Ken Lupo – handling the duties along with keeping our network and email servers up to date and secure, managing our network software and troubleshooting IT issues at Union School. He does an excellent job of keeping our technology backbone in good shape. With this format we lean on office staff and administrators to manage and post the information.

Please post your comments here so we can learn more about what our website users would like to see.

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