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Board Meeting Recap – January 22nd

January 23, 2008

Tonight was a busy meeting. First, on behalf of the Saline Education Association, Tim Heim, Tim Timoszyk and Jim Letcher presented the board with books that were signed by each board member and will placed in the Media Centers of each building. This was done in honor of National Board of Education Appreciation Month.

We then heard a presentation by Houghton Principal Jesse Stevenson on the success of the Kindergarten Extended Day Option for the 2007-2008 year to date. Ms. Pasola, Ms. Kolacki and Ms. Raft – the current teachers – were on hand to help describe the program and share what they have learned about the benefits for their students. Laurie Dawson assisted with the development of a slide presentation and a program brochure for perspective families interested in the program for the 2008-2009 school year. Look for both online soon.

From there we tackled several action items – a school calendar revision to reflect the Middle School dates without students for the MAMSE conference, facility use regulation updates, a 2007-2008 mid-year budget amendment, and accepting a bid for a new electronic high school sign. I’ll post an artist rendition on the blog soon.

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