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Camp Woodland Meadows, circa 1870

March 25, 2008

Today was the lumberjack breakfast at Woodland Meadows. All the 4th grade classes enjoyed a hearty breakfast before heading out to work. The breakfast was very quiet – there was no talking allowed. This was to keep from having any “brawls” take place between unhappy shanty boys.

Once they got to camp, “The Boss”, Mr. Derren explained what a lumber camp would have been like in 1870. His energtic and engaging presentation kept the students and staff on the edge of their seats. The event is a great tie-in to the Michigan history portion of the 4th grade curriculum.

Mr. Marshall went all out in shanty boy gear. Thank you to the volunteers and staff who pulled this event off – the students loved it. Although, Ms. Durst was disappointed she missed the food!

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