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Exercise Physiology

May 16, 2008

I had the opportunity to stop in and see Mr. Juan Lauchu and several of his students give a presentation on what goes on in his Exercise Physiology class. The program was delivered for a reporter from the MEA Newsletter and for the Saline Area School Foundation that provided a grant to purchase a treadmill, exercise bike and testing equipment for the class. The uniqueness of the equipment allows the students to “isolate variables” and determine their effect on their exercise routine right in the classroom.

I was very impressed by the knowledge of the students. The six seniors were John Ogar, Pete Nelson, Amir Rad, Jarret Roe, Kayla Steinman and Kate Tolbert.

They were extremely articulate and in-depth with their responses. Following the discussion, they even demonstrated some of the physical testing they complete in class labs. The students seemed to really engage in the hands on research that they are able to perform to accomplish their individual class goals.

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