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School Improvement in Action

May 21, 2008

On Tuesday, I was able to sit in on the final Heritage School Improvement meeting. The meeting was essentially an analysis of how the building had done in terms of the areas designated in their school improvement plan. They reviewed what worked well and what needed to be improved in a variety of areas. They included: The Reading Binder, Reading Apprenticeship, STAR Testing, Math Facts, Woodland Meadows/Heritage Reading Buddies among several others.

It was nice to listen as the staff responded to the various areas with honest and direct feedback. The information gained at the meeting will be reviewed by the School Improvement Steering Committee and used to help guide future professional development. I was very impressed at the number of staff who spoke up and contributed information about their experiences this year with their students. This is a very busy and hectic time of year – to see the staff take time for authentic review was great.

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