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New Website?

August 6, 2008

Unless you have this blog directly bookmarked (which I doubt) then you have noticed the changes to our website. Our Director of Technology, Mr. Ken Lupo has made the switch to a product called Joomla that is making content management easier for all of us, which in turn permits increased content on the site.

I have gotten some comments that we need to “dress it up” – which I agree with. In talking to Mr. Lupo, he reminded me that he is a “tech geek” and not an artist, so we have enlisted a few creative and stylish minds to help us out with making the site more attractive over the next several weeks. Keep and eye on it for changes.

For our staff, they will find that upon logging into the site, they will see staff related content, forms and new Moodle forums to discuss district related news and issues.

As always, I would like feedback – please give me your comments and suggestions on the site. On a side, note my blog also will look different soon. I am moving it to WordPress – you will still be able to find it linked to our site.

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