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Day One

September 2, 2008

Today was a busy day as we worked to get students into schools, their classrooms, fed and returned to their homes.

My day started at Pleasant Ridge.  Our entire community is mourning the loss of Luke Brenner and his passing has been felt especially hard at Pleasant Ridge.  The day began as we worked with families and bus drivers to learn the new traffic patterns.  During the summer, the parking lot was completely renovated and reconfigured. It was a learning experience for all!

At the Alternative High School, Dr. Enright spoke to 48 students attending the opening day orientation.

I stopped by Houghton School to watch our Kindergarten and Young 5 families arrive for orientation.  As always, Principal Stevenson greeted students and parents with a warm smile.

I checked on Heritage and Woodland Meadows – Prinicpal Laatsch was keeping at eye on the cafeteria and making sure the 5th graders were enjoying their new experience.  At Woodland Meadows, Ms. Pederson’s music class was learning how to listen and follow directions.

At the Middle School, Officer Ringe enjoyed lunch with the students and Principal Raft thanked him for his visit.

The new lunch format (accommodating 1800 students in 3 lunch periods) at the high school was crowded but functioning well.  We added the “10th Street Cafe” run by Ms. Greko, and today she had help from our Technology Specialist Mr. Grossman.

I stopped by Harvest toward the end of the day and caught Principal Sharon getting green jello, with what appeared to be a worm in it from Theodore Nowicki who was celebrating his 10th birthday.

All in the all day went well – it is wonderful to have the students and staff back – it’s going to be a great year!

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