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Monthly Poll

November 16, 2008

You may have already noticed we have added a “Monthy Poll” to the front page of the website.  The first poll is an attempt to learn how often people are reading this blog. Web polls are far from scientific or valid – however, they can be fun and provide some insight on an issue or idea.

We are looking for input on future web poll questions.  If you have an idea, please let me know and we will try to work it into a poll in the coming months.

On an unrelated note, I came arcoss this article in New York Times today.  It has nothing to do with Saline Area Schools or education in general – however – I found it very exciting!  Those of you with young children understand the frustration that comes with opening presents.  I found it interesting that there is now a movement to help save us time and busted knuckles.

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