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District Wellness Policy

November 25, 2008

The state, parents, and public health officials have encouraged us to analyze the effect that food plays in the lives of our students in the classroom, and have encouraged us to confront the issue of childhood obesity and healthy living behaviors.  Saline, like all Michigan Public Schools, has a Wellness Policy.

The policy speaks to nutrition education, physical activity and school lunch standards.  There are also regulations that we have adopted to provide direction on how the policy will be implemented.  This includes having a Wellness Committee – our committee is made up of food service staff, administrators, parents and a school board member.

Last week we met to review the policy and determine how we are adhering to the written regulations.  During this review it became clear that we have many questions and need to gather information from parents and staff.

We had questions – Should we not allow food to be a focus at school/classroom parties? Can student birthday parties be celebrated once a month and only involve healthy snacks?  Should we eliminate school fundraisers that sell candy?

We will be embarking on a communication plan to gather information and inform staff and families of the policy.  Director of Elementary Special Education, Ms. Cherie Vannatter, is leading a sub-committee to begin this process.

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  1. Deb permalink
    November 25, 2008 6:32 pm

    Parties are THE time to be able to have a treat. I am thinking nothing is BAD, moderation is the key. So I think it is OK, to give treats on special occasions – birthdays, class parties, etc.
    What I think we need to eliminate is the Super Snack. The Super Snack used to be offered only on Fridays as a special snack. However, something changed and now they are available EVERY day.
    As one small step toward healthier lunches – eliminate Super Snacks!
    One other area for the lunch program is eliminating partially hydrogenated oils. Having 0 trans fat is NOT the same. Look at the ingredients, if it contains partially hydrogenated oils these are trans fats – just not enough to report in the percentages.
    I appreciated the Wellness Team asking our opinion.

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