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Creative Students!

January 21, 2009

I was fortunate to be able to start my day with Ms. Koppelman’s first hour Sculpture I class. Listed are a few things that impressed me.

1.  The students entered class and quickly were engaged in their projects.  They are working on “box art” projects and are having their own unique take on the assignment.

2.  Typically, I have a hard time determining how student artwork is graded.  Ms. Koppelman showed me the rubric used to  grade, and it became apparent to me that she was able to highlight their focus on the project, while leaving only a small portion for subjective assessment.
3.  There were also several A.P. Art students working on their own projects.  In the A.P. curriculum, the students develop 12 art pieces around a specific theme.  Below is one of the pieces being created.

4.  Finally, after a long weekend – only one student was tardy!

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