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Geeks Unite!

February 10, 2009

On Monday night, Ms. Heather Kellstrom and I had the opportunity to attend a “meet up” event sponsored by A2 Geeks.  Ms. Kellstrom is our Instructional Technology Specialist.   She works diligently to integrate the use of technology in classrooms across the district. The event was held at Google in downtown Ann Arbor and included presentations by several new start up companies.  Three were medical technology related presentations, including one that has promising technology related to identifying bacteria strands in half the current lab time. There was a company presenting that has developed a Facebook application that incorporates the use of virtual money to entice users to participate.

We also met two young entrepreneurs who had worked in the Bronx, NY for Teach for America and have now started a company called “The Generation Project”. Their intent is to match donor interest with school and student need.  In general, it sounds like a great concept where donors are able to direct their funds to areas they have a passion to support.

Below, Ms. Kellstrom takes a break from networking to pose at the Google Surf Shop.

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