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Healthy Schools

February 22, 2009

Over the last several years, student health issues, including chronic diseases, have become a topic of great concern among health professionals, school leaders, and parents.  The increase in the prevalence of Asthma alone contributes to 14 million missed days of school nationally.  Add to this increased absenteeism due to an ever-expanding list of health issues and it becomes clear: students are missing a record number of learning opportunities.

Similar to the national picture, the issue in Saline is difficult to manage.  The National Association of School Nurses recommends a ratio of 1 nurse to 750 students.  In Michigan the ratio is 1 to 4,204 – which ranks second to last nationally.  Presently in Saline, we have a ratio of 1 to 2,750.

As a district, we are working to address the health of our students.  We are blessed with two outstanding school nurses – Ms. Karan Hervey and Mr. Ken Romans.  With their help and the support of our parents, administration and staff we are developing a comprehensive allergy plan along with addressing policies and practices that will keep our children healthy.  Additionally, the Wellness Committee, which is made up of administration, faculty, and parents, is developing a plan to inform staff and parents regarding the specifics of our Wellness Policy.

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