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Project Lead the Way

July 8, 2009


Along with Jody Gielinski, Matt Hagood, Steve Laatsch and David Raft, I had the opportunity to observe teachers from around the area being trained in the Project Lead the Way curriculum today and Eastern Michigan University.  PLTW is a hands-on, problem-based curriculum that began as a school improvement initiative designed to address the shortage of engineers in the United States.  The concept is simple – combine a rigorous and relevant curriculum with project-based instruction.

We met with Al Tessmer from EMU who was hosting the training.  He was able to share ideas about how could use PLTW to provide students here in Saline with rich and relevant experiences around science, technology, engineering and math.  He highlighted several local schools including Skyline High School in Ann Arbor and Plymouth-Canton Public Schools who have successfully implemented this program.

It was an excellent chance for us to learn about the program and begin to imagine the benefits for our students.

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  1. July 9, 2009 1:17 am

    It has long been my belief that what has affected our economy is the total reversal in the number of graduate engineers in comparison to MBA’s. Since the 1950s the reversal is very obvious. We have allowed our economy to switch from from an economic society of creators to managers. Given the state of the nation the emphasis by higher education over the last 50 years has not been in our collective best interests.

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