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20 Years later….

September 20, 2009

Over the weekend I attended my 20th Class Reunion for the Saline High School Class of ’89.  There were several events including a tailgate party at the football game on Friday night.  This included a quick tour of the “new” high school.  (Yes, we have a school pool now!) We also got together on Saturday night and spent the night catching up and talking about “the good ole” days. We had well over 100 alumni attend.  They came from Washington, Oregon, California, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, Oklahoma and several other states.  In addition, we have a large group of ’89 alums that have been fortunate to stay local and are raising our families in and around Saline.

The community of Saline has changed and grown in the last 20 years. We were a large class of 260 graduates and in 2009,  Saline graduated well over 400 students.  Throughout the night I was struck with how so many of my classmates are living happy, healthy and productive lives.  Businessmen, doctors, artists, farmers, welders, policeman, mechanics, business owners, teachers, builders – almost every career path possible has been taken.  Many spoke of the challenges of raising a family and managing a career in the current economic conditions, but all expressed how we felt prepared by our time in Saline Area Schools.

For the record, no one…. not one classmate…. ever thought I would be the Superintendent of Schools.  It just goes to show, you never really know how it is going to turn out.

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