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Staying Ahead of the Curve

December 4, 2009

As our students move through school, chances are what they learn will be different from what you learned in school. In fact, change is all around us. We live in a digital age where companies can plant jobs wherever there’s an internet connection, and two-thirds of all jobs require higher education or advanced training. If we want our students to be able to compete with those who are challenging us for jobs, we must be prepared to out-educate them.

Of course, this challenge is made more difficult by the existing financial woes of the State of Michigan. But as I have stated before – there is no time to be a victim of a broken system. We must continue to focus on opportunities for our students, even when those opportunities are very different from what we experienced as students. The world has changed, it’s time our education system adapts with it to better prepare our students for the future.

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