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Global Competency?

January 20, 2010

Over the past weeks we have been working on a framework that we can use to develop a Strategic Plan.  We have begun to assemble a steering committee of community members, parents and staff.  The process will include a variety of steps with the final version to the Board of Education by the end of the school-year.

While investigating concepts for discussion, the term “Global Competencies” kept being highlighted.  What is a “global competency”? This is a very good question.  According to the University of Wisconsin Global Competence Task Force, it is a person who possesses the skills, knowledge, and attitude to work effectively in our increasingly interdependent world.  In their report they state,

“Foremost amongst these ‘global competencies’ are the abilities to communicate effectively across linguistic and cultural boundaries, to see and understand the world from a perspective other than one’s own, and to understand and appreciate the diversity of societies and cultures.”

Globalization is here, but what does this mean for Saline Area Schools?  Is adding world languages to the 5th & 6th grade curriculum enough? This is an important conversation for us to have as we prepare our students for the future.

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  1. Shankar permalink
    January 26, 2010 8:20 am

    Mr. Graden… Great thoughts.. However, teaching foreign languages alone does not make global thinking… “The worl is Flat” should be made required reading for high schoolers. We are undoubtedly the leaders in innovation and to a large extent technology. Where we as a country lag behind are the “widespread” fundamental math and science skills needed to foster that innovation. That means that while we have several innovators here, we could have much more if those skills are furthered. We should start some cross cultural programs where we link with schools from other parts of the world and have combined classes and projects… just to see how global dynamics work… the pitfalls such as timezones, linguistic barriers, cultural thinking differences etc… Create a friendly math, science, language competition with those foreign students … Invite immigrant parents such as myself for a panel discussion with the students.. so that they can questions and learn…
    We are all connected … more so than ever with facebook etc .. Let us exploit that connectivity and become global as a school district

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