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Making the right decisions?

March 23, 2010

Last Friday thanks to an invitation from a community member, I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Robert Bobb, the Emergency Financial Manager for Detroit Public Schools.  He was speaking at EMU as part of their “Ethos Week” program.  The tenets of his speech centered around the core elements of ethics–they were integrity, honesty, respect, learning, work ethic and trustworthiness. He noted that the need for these core elements is stronger now than ever.  With difficult times come difficult decisions.  We are all feeling that right now.  How can we raise revenue?  What procedures can be utilized to reduce spending? How can innovation help us save money while improving student outcomes?

These are all key decisions in need need of being made in the next few months that will set the course for Saline Area Schools over the next several years.
As I have stated below a few times, now is an important time to stay informed and engaged.

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