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Defining a Goal

March 26, 2010

On Thursday a group of administrators, faculty, parents and board members had the opportunity to examine and develop a vision for our students should possess as they leave us after their 12th grade year.  The conversation centered around both the skills and learning environment necessary to enable our students to be successful in the 21st Century.  We focused on a learning environment that is student-centered, project based and is focused on creating lifelong learners.

Our main goal statement was:
All students will acquire the essential skills to be lifelong learners in an ever changing 21st century global society.

So, what are those “essential skills”?  We discussed four key areas:

  • Research & Information Fluency
  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Creativity & Innovation

In many ways, we already emphasize and provide opportunities to develop skills in these areas.  Our mission is to look at the organization and articulate an appropriate progression for skill development.  From there, the administration needs to align resources to support this vision.  These are important steps as we navigate in these turbulent times.

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