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Woodie Merchant

December 16, 2010

It is worthy of note this busy Holiday Season that Woodie Merchant passed away on December 8th.  At 88, Woodie’s physical health had deteriorated, but not her spirit.  Along with many in the community, I had the opportunity to attend her funeral on Monday and celebrate Woodie and a life well lived.

Woodie was a longtime Board of Education member and a founding member of the Foundation for Saline Area Schools. I had the pleasure of knowing Woodie and learned a great deal about the history of Saline Area Schools from my conversations with her over the years.  I always appreciated her perspective, positive attitude and sense of humor. Sitting with Woodie, you quickly understood how much she loved the Saline community and in particular the students in our school system.

I think about the saying, “standing on the shoulders of giants” and how in many ways our community has been built on the shoulders of citizens like Woodie Merchant.

Her legacy lives on….

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