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Campus Parkway

January 17, 2011
At this time of year we tend to get comments about the often snowy condition of Campus Parkway.  I wanted to take a moment to publicly answer the most common questions.

Q:  Who is supposed to plow the snow on Campus Parkway?

A:  Campus Parkway is a county road, therefore, the Washtenaw County Road Commission is responsible for maintaining the road including snow removal.

Q:  Since Saline Area Schools has snow plows to clean the school lots, why can’t you just clean Campus Parkway too?

A:  Attempting to clear this street could result in serious legal and liability issues for the district.

Q:  Can residents call the Washtenaw County Road Commission about the condition of the road when it is bad?

A:  Yes.  We often call and report when the road is significantly icy and snow covered.

Another issue with Campus Parkway is the high volume of traffic it gets, particularly before and after school at Saline High School.  As part of the February 22nd Bond Extension, we are planning to address the issue by adding a third lane in front of the school. The current plan calls for adding approximately 450 feet of roadway to allow cars turning left into either the west/pool lot or the front/visitor lot to enter a turn lane.  This would allow eastbound traffic to pass by and access the east lot or Harvest Elementary School.

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  1. D Peper permalink
    January 19, 2011 11:21 pm

    I think the worst part of the traffic is leaving the West lot after school. There needs to be a left turn lane from student lot onto Campus Pkwy. I beg administration to come outside and stand at East footbal ticket booth to watch what that lot looks like at 2:45-2:55. CHAOS is an understatement!!! Dangerous in the lot and worse at the actual exit.

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