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State Budget & Saline School Budget

February 18, 2011
As anticipated, Governor Snyder released his budget recommendations for the fiscal year 2012.  This is the start of the process to determine what we will receive from Lansing as we build our 2011-2012 school year budget.  First, I applaud the Governor for releasing his budget now and publicly pushing to have it adopted by June 1st.  If this happens, if will allow us to effectively set our budget, which must be adopted by the Board of Education by July 1st.  Second, I agree with his recent statement,
“We have been spending more that we have in revenue and we have serious problems.  It’s not time to cry about it, it’s not time to whine about it.  It’s time to go to work.”
Currently, the proposed revenue levels for public education would mean approximately a $2.5 million reduction in revenue for Saline Area Schools.  Over the next several weeks there will be a great deal of discussion and debate over his proposed budget, however, it is very clear – we need to expect less funding for next year than we have received for 2010-11.

As a district we have faced challenges in the past, cutting over $6 million since 2007-2008 from our $51 million annual budget.  Within the last 12 months we have closed two schools and did not replace over 30 positions in an effort to bring our expenses in line with current and projected revenues.  Moving forward, we will need to do more.

I would also like to remind the community to get out and vote in the upcoming Bond Extension on this Tuesday, February 22nd.  Protecting the investment we have made in our school district is more important now than ever before…

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