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Budget Update – May 30th

May 30, 2011

SAS Community,

The State legislature has voted and approved State budgets, including cuts to school funding. We want to give you the details of those cuts, and the status of the 2011-2012 Saline Area Schools budget.

The State budget plan has approved $700 per pupil in cuts for next year, which includes the $300 per pupil cut to school districts, the $230 per pupil estimated retirement cost increase and the $170 per pupil reduction from last year.

However, up to $200 per pupil can be restored to school districts in the following ways:

1.    Up to $100 per pupil will go directly towards reducing districts’ state-mandated retirement costs. For SAS that will be a gain of approximately $500,000.

2.    Up to another $100 per pupil can be restored to districts that demonstrate ‘best practices’.  SAS could see an additional gain of approximately $500,000.

Actual language in the School Aid Bill is still being analyzed and could impact the projections above.

Our District’s Current Budget Projections:  Our original projected deficit was $5,900,000. If we receive the restoration of the estimated $200 per pupil, we project a savings of $1,000,000. The district has worked to attain $1,900,000 in additional cost containment savings. This leaves us with a projected deficit of approximately $3,000,000. This deficit will be addressed through the enhanced revenues, reductions in programs & services and possible use of a portion of our fund reserves.  Click here to view a budget worksheet related to possible revenue options, program/service reductions and the current fund balance.

Finalizing the Budget:  The Board of Education must finalize our district’s budget by the end of June. We have many challenges ahead, but the support and engagement of our parents, staff, and community remains our strength.

Thank you,

Scot Graden

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