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Supporting our Seniors

June 2, 2011

On Tuesday night, Saline High School hosted the annual Senior Awards Night.  This event honors the graduating class by presenting members of the class with the departmental awards and scholarships that they have earned.  The evening is a vivid reminder of many diverse talents of our student body and the support our community provides to them. Below is a list of the organizations that provided scholarships to our students on Tuesday.  I would like to thank each of them for their continued support.

Alma Scots Honor Scholarship, American Legion Citizenship Awards, American Legion (Auxiliary Scholarships, Saline American Legion Scholarship, Sons of the American Legion), Booster Club Scholarship, Building Trades Scholarship, Coach Crabtree Scholarship, Debra Bouchard Memorial Scholarship, Dora Mae Mayer Memorial Scholarship, Douglas J. Mull Trade School Scholarship, Educational Support Personnel (ESP Scholarship, Orrin Corl/Sandy Rogers Scholarships), Edward Redies Foundation Scholarships, Harvest of the Arts Oktoberfest Scholarship, Jeremy Tarlea Memorial Scholarship, Lillian W. McClelland Memorial Scholarship, Paul J. Peters Memorial Scholarship, Ping Scholar/Athlete Awards, Rachael Townsend Memorial Scholarship, Saint Joseph Mercy Saline Hospital (Auxiliary Scholarship, Dorothy Bredernitz Scholarship, William Lavery Scholarship), Saline Alumni Association Scholarship Saline Area Senior Citizen Scholarship, Saline Education Association (Howard McCann/Maxine Ross Memorial Scholarships), Saline High School Horticulture Award, Saline High School Student Leadership Scholarships, Saline Kiwanis Club Scholarships, Saline Lions Club Scholarships, Saline Rotary Club Scholarships (Academic Scholarship, Alwin Gross/Howard Johnson Scholarship, Career Technical Scholarship, Interact Scholarship), Thomas L. Thomas Family Scholarship, Tim Kiraly Scholarship, United Methodist Church Scholarship (Carr Memorial Scholarship), Washtenaw Community College Scholarships (Anthony J. Procassini Honor Scholarship, President’s Honor Scholarships), Kathryn Steiner Burr Scholarships, and Unterkircher Scholarship.

Ms. Sabrina Gross presents Amanda Matthews with the Alma Scots Honor Scholarship

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