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Saline High School – 2011 Senior Class

June 13, 2011

On Wednesday, May 18, the members of the Class of 2011 completed a brief survey about what is next for them following their graduation from Saline High School. The results for the 423 responses are below:

Michigan Colleges (317) 75%
Out of State Colleges (69) 16%
Michigan Public Colleges (295) 70%
Michigan Private Colleges (22) 5%
All Four Year Colleges (293) 69%
All Two Year Colleges (95) 22%
Military (8) 2%
Undecided or working full time (14) 3%
Exchange Students returning (6) 1%
to home country
Young Adult Program (4) < 1%

Interesting Numbers:

Michigan Private Schools Numbers

Adrian College 2
Albion College 3
Alma College 1
Aquinas College 1
College for Creative Studies 2
Concordia University 2
Hillsdale College 1
Hope College 2
Kalamazoo College 2
Kettering University 1
Lawrence Technological University 1
Madonna University 1
Seina Heights University 3
Spring Arbor University 1
University of Detroit Mercy 1

Michigan Public Schools Numbers

Central Michigan University 22
Eastern Michigan University 38
Ferris State University 4
Grand Valley State University 18
Michigan State University 38
Michigan Technological University 2
Oakland University 2
Saginaw Valley State University 7
University of Michigan 44
University of Michigan Dearborn 1
Wayne State University 2
Western Michigan University 22

Michigan Community Colleges Numbers

Henry Ford Community College 3
Kalamazoo Valley Community College 1
Washtenaw Community College 91

Public Out of State College Numbers

Arizona State University 1
Belmont University 1
Bowling Green State University 3
Florida State University 1
Louisiana State University 1
Miami University (Ohio) 2
Mississippi State University 1
Ohio State University 2
Purdue University 2
University of Central Florida 1
University of Colorado at Boulder 1
University of Connecticut 1
University of Iowa 2
University of Kentucky 2
University of Maryland – College Park 1
University of Montana 1
University of Toledo 4
University of Wisconsin 3
Virginia Tech. 1
West Virginia University 1

Private Out of State Colleges Numbers

American University 1
College of Wooster 1
Columbia College – Chicago 2
Brigham Young University 3
Culinary Institute of American 1
Denison University 1
DePaul University 1
Evangel University 1
Furman University 1
Grove City College 1
Indiana Wesleyan University 1
John Carroll University 1
Lipscomb University 1
Loyola University – Chicago 1
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2
Mercyhurst College 1
North Central College 1
Oberlin College 1
Princeton University 1
Queen’s University of Charlotte 1
St. Bonaventure University 1
Stanford University 1
Unity College 1
University of Charleston 1
University of Chicago 1
University of Dayton 1
University of Northwestern Ohio 1
University of Notre Dame 1
University of the Cumberlands 1
Valparaiso University 1
4 Comments leave one →
  1. David Gilliam permalink
    June 14, 2011 7:54 am

    Wonderful. The reason we live in Saline.The Schools. God Speed.

  2. david zimmer permalink
    June 15, 2011 6:50 pm

    It would be interesting to learn what impact the use of weighted grades for AP classes had on acceptance rate at these schools, number of students who got scholarships due to the use weighted grades (and the amount of the scholarships in total) and the number of students who qualified for honors colleges at these universities due to the use of weighted values for AP classes.

    It would also be interesting to learn the reduction in college expense is for the families of Saline due to the acceptance of AP credits at these universities. (total credit hour value)

    Beyond the academic challenges and sense of accomplishment our studnts get from success in these classes, having this additional data will help to answer whether the change to weighted values had a positive impact for the class of 2011.

    Is this something the district can capture and share with the community?

  3. June 16, 2011 6:28 am

    It is certainly information we would like to obtain. Some the factors would be very difficult to determine and having not collected it prior to the weighted grade for AP course decision – having a comparison would be an issue.

    We do have college/university attendance information for the last several years, this year there was a slight dip – however – one year does not indicate a trend.

    We will be discussing other data collection options. In addition to what you mention above, we are interested in college/university degree completion rates.

  4. david zimmer permalink
    June 16, 2011 8:48 pm

    If you need some help doing this work, let me know. I did this type of work during my time with the University of Michigan when I was involved with redesigning their admissions program, scholarship program and financial aid programs.

    The data I was asking about is a very straight forward activity, given what you have already collected about schools the class of 2011 will attend and the scholarships awarded, you have a good start already.

    The previous years being non-weighted is not a constraint because the question to the colleges is simply, do you admit to the honors college, award scholarships based on reported GPA or use a recalucalated formula. Then you ask, what is the GPA threshold for honors college admissions and scholarship awarding. Then you ask about the value of the scholarships awards to Saline graduates and you have the necessary information.

    From that you can determine the positive, negative or neutral impact of this policy change.

    For those whose are unsure of the value of this policy change, this type of work helps to answer the question.

    Graduation rates from college are not as straight forward, because academic preperation from high school is not usually the reason for the lack of completion of the undergraduate degree. That is why the college acceptance rate is usually used to measure the effectiveness of the high school program.

    For your consideration.

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