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Where is the finish line?

October 19, 2011

Last week, the film Race to Nowhere was screened at Saline High School.  The screening was co-sponsored by STRIVE (Students Re-Investing in a Valuable Education) and Saline Alive.  The mission of Saline Alive! is to promote the mental wellness of all Saline students through awareness, education, and support, and to reduce the social stigma surrounding depression and mental illness.

The event was a success with 350 students, parents and staff in attendance.  Aaron Mukerjee, the President of STRIVE and Saline High School Senior opened the night with a compelling message to all of us who where there:

Tonight is about giving a voice to students who are struggling with stress or depression or anxiety. The focus tonight is on schools and the type of stress that being in high school puts on our students. But let’s also resolve to support students whether their stress comes from homework, extra-curriculars, getting into the right college, or something totally unrelated to school. Tonight is about recognizing that every student struggles at some point, and that every student needs support.

Tonight is about working together to find a way to support all Saline students. We can do it, but we are going to have to recognize that student stress is a problem. As you watch the film I challenge you, whether you are a teacher, parent, community member, or another student, to figure out what you can do, what role you can play, in being part of the solution.

Saline High School Principal Ben Williams posted his thoughts in his blog. We have made plans to show the film to all Saline High School teachers on December 2nd.  In addition, we are working on dates to have more community screenings of the film.  It is vital that we keep the conversation going about the mental health of our students.

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  1. CSM permalink
    October 20, 2011 10:17 am

    Being at 6 pm on school night it was difficult for many parents/students to attend and I would strongly encourage that there would be several other opportunities for Saline and the surrounding communities to view and discuss this film and its implications not only towards students but towards society in general. I would be interested see what, if any, action is taken by this community of students, teachers, parents and administrators. Thank you for bringing this film and more importantly this well known, but hidden issue to light.

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