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Choices, choices, choices….

January 21, 2012
One the prevailing themes in 21st Century America is the desire for choices.  People want choices in their clothes, cars, technology and…. education.  The growth of schools of choice (which Governor Snyder has discussed making mandatory), charter schools, magnet schools, and cyber-schools all represent this shift.  It was not long ago that families either chose their local public schools or a private, tuition based option.

For those of us in public education, there is no use in reminiscing about the “good ole’ days”…. that era has passed and we need to embrace the new education market to focus on making sure our programs and services at all levels to attract and retain students.  This means focusing on continuous improvement and using a well defined plan that clearly lays out our priorities.  It begins with setting goals.  Over the next few months the goal setting and planning process will begin to take shape as we plan for the future.

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