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What is our Culture?

February 3, 2012

Every organization has a culture, whether it is the culture we want or one that has developed over time.  Organizations, like Saline Area Schools, are societies, and with a society comes a culture.  The reality is that an organization’s culture is an extremely powerful force.  The culture is a reflection of our values and beliefs…. both as an organization and as a community.

Alan Mulally, the President & CEO of Ford noted,

“I really focus on the values and standards of the organization.  What are the expected behaviors?  How do we want to treat each other? How do we want to act?  What do we want to do about transparency?  How can we have a safe environment where we really know what is going on?”

Once a culture is understood, it can be shaped.  Like teachers do in their classrooms, we can re-enforce the behaviors we want to see that help create a positive culture.

So… the question is – what is the culture of Saline Area Schools?

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