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Human Capital

March 2, 2012

Saline Area Schools is a organization that reveals its strength in providing services from the collective skills of our staff.  This is often referred to as human capital.  Research indicates that the best uses of our “human capital” requires a clear understanding of our district goals and how the skills of our staff fit the pursuit of these goals.  It’s important for our success to align these skills to focus on our long term goals.

In order to maximize our efforts, I have a goal to build a system that is leader-proof.  I want the entire community to feel the work we are doing is so great that they want it to continue no matter who is in the superintendent’s chair.  This type of system is built on teamwork that makes us care more about the overall success of the team and district than about individual success.  As an individual, it’s about being present, giving 100% of ourselves, and understanding we need to model continuous learning.

In the end, for us to maximize the opportunity for success – team work and hard work are the keys.

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