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Building a Data Dashboard

April 25, 2012

One of the buzzwords in education over the past year and a half has been “dashboard”.  The basic idea is a location, often on a website, where community members, staff and students can see how a district is performing, much like checking the gauges on the dashboard of a car.  We are in the process of establishing the “gauges” that will be part of the Saline Area Schools Dashboard.  The idea is to have key measures in the areas of:

  • Academic Achievement
    • Grades K-8
      • Elementary Percent Proficient (Math, Reading, Science)
      • Middle School Percent Proficient (Math, Reading, Science)
    • High School
      • High School Percent Proficient (Math, Reading, Science)
      • American College Test Composite Score
      • Graduation Rate (Percent of the 5 Year Cohort)
  • Financial Management
    • Percent of Fund Balance Maintained at or above 5% Threshold
    • Market Share of Saline Students (Percent of County Residents)
  • Student Demographics
    • Total District Enrollment
    • Student Minority Percentage
    • Student Percent Free/Reduced Lunch
  • Staff Demographics
    • Total Certified Staff (Non-Administrative)
    • Total Support Staff
    • Total Administrative Staff
    • Percent of Teachers with Masters or Higher
    • Average Number of Years of Service for Teachers
  • Asset Protection
    • Community Satisfaction with Buildings and Properties
  • School & Community Relations
    • Academic Reputation
    • Parent Satisfaction with Academic Program
    • Parent Satisfaction with Customer Service

These key areas are then broken down into specific data points that are measured year to year.  Prior to the beginning of the next school year, the Board of Education will meet to discuss the data points, and where appropriate, establish targets for the upcoming school year.

Are there any other data points you feel we should consider for inclusion on the dashboard?

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