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Matching Strategy and Culture

August 19, 2012

One of the goals for the coming year is to begin a strategic planning process that will provide clear direction for all staff, as well as, provide the community with an understanding of where we are going as a district.  We have a strategic framework in place that will be the umbrella for the plan.  It will provide structure to our process and allow us to focus on action steps.

As we have been looking at planning options it has become evident that our planning process and strategy must match our district & community culture.  Saline Area Schools has a culture of high expectations.  We feel we should excel at everything we do.  It’s part of our “Why” – working so that every child reaches their fullest potential.  It’s echoed by the Board of Education goal, “To prepare our students to achieve their individual potential with a commitment to lifelong learning.” This means providing a wide range of academic and extracurricular programs.  This means providing robust interventions and supports for students who need extra support.This means being good at everything.

As we develop our planning process, we will need a broad cross-section of voices to be a part of the process.  Look for more information this fall about how you can be involved.

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