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Planting Shade Trees….

August 30, 2012

Earlier today we had our annual “Welcome Back” event for all Saline Area School staff in the High School Performing Arts Center.  It’s the one time a year when all of our staff are in one place.  It is an opportunity to recognize the staff that have reached a milestone with their years of service to the Saline community.  It is also an opportunity to look at the new faces that we welcome today and to consider the impact they will have on the students that come through our doors on Tuesday.  It was also a chance to thank all of the year round staff – Buildings & Grounds, Clerical, Technology, Business & Human Resource Services, Community Education and Administration for their work getting ready for the new year.

I spoke to the staff about a saying that I learned from my grandfather many years ago.  He used to say, “A great person plants shade trees that they will never sit under.” As a staff, whether we recognize it or not, we are planting these trees. We have the opportunity to inspire our students and instill in them the desire to be lifelong learners.  We may not ever know the full extent of their accomplishments – but we must deliberately set out to help each child reach their potential.

I also reminded staff that we are planting trees for the staff that are yet come.  We are fortunate that those who came before us planted the trees that we benefit from today.  What we do today and moving forward will have an affect on those who come after us.  There is a tremendous amount of talent within the Saline Area Schools staff – we need to make sure we are focused on investing in our students and each other.

It was a chance for all of us to renew our commitment to the profession we have chosen.  The start of the year presents an opportunity to sharpen our focus on what is important… on “why “ we are here. We are here to meet the needs of ALL of our students…. and to help each student reach their fullest potential.

I am looking forward to facing new challenges and seizing new opportunities – and to being the 2012-2013 school year!

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