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The softer side of Saline High School

September 23, 2012

Saline High School is a beautiful school.  To me, it represents how much the Saline community values education.  Since it opened to students in 2004, it has served our students and community well.  However, if there was an issue we have worked on it has been to add color and to develop some “softer” areas that students and staff could use for learning and to relax.  Over the years we have added showcases, colorful murals, and banners.

This past week, we added some new furniture.  The items were given to the school by Resource Office Interiors, LLC for us to develop an area for students to relax and to use as a collaborative learning space during the school day.   I am excited to learn more about how our students and staff use this area.

Principal Julie Helber noted in her weekly memo to staff, ”

The furniture was installed on Thursday after school and the students that were waiting in the school for a variety of reasons were ecstatic and thankful.  Many students asked, “What is this for?”  I replied, “It is for you.”  They would then ask, “Is it permanent?” When I told them that the furniture was for them and it was permanent, they were extremely thankful.  I watched as they texted their friends, took pictures, and Tweeted their excitement about this new space.  As I observed the students in the space, watching their reactions, trepidation, and uncertainty about this new space fascinated me.  Some wondered if they should use the space, others just looked and moved on to sit at the cafeteria tables.  This small space created a place where students felt appreciated and trusted.  Throughout the day, students were thankful for providing this space for them.  I am continually amazed at the caliber of student we are fortunate to have at Saline High School.

Next time you are at the high school, be sure to check out the area on the east side of the Commons, near the Media Center.

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