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October is here…. time to look out for each other.

October 3, 2012

October is about more than fall colors, football, and a Tigers playoff run.  For schools, it represents a transition period for both students and staff.  The first few weeks of the school year students are (in general) excited to be returning to school. They are meeting or re-meeting people, joining exciting groups, and their classes look enticing.

In October, the work builds up. The amount of sleep goes down. The tests and exams begin. The exciting new projects can begin to feel like tedious tasks. Students often begin to feel overwhelmed.  This is also a time when our new staff (and we have several this year) can begin to feel disillusioned by the extensive time commitment as they face the typical challenges of teaching for the first time.

Knowing this, it is up to us as parents and veteran staff to provide energy and support.  We can help them by bridging the transition from the start of a new year, to developing the focused routine that will support teaching and learning.  Keep your eye out for students and staff that are in need of support.

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