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Collaborative space…? The furniture matters.

November 1, 2012

Earlier this year, New Saline High School Principal, Ms. Julie Helber, expressed a desire to add to the learning environment for her students and staff.  As it turned out representatives for Resource Office Interiors had already begun discussion with District Administration about partnering on a project.  “We decided to pursue a relationship with Saline Area Schools mainly to promote our specialty of providing collaborative learning areas,” said Greg Gozdor, CEO of Resource Office Interiors.  “When Principal Helber expressed the challenge of developing a collaborative learning space at Saline High School, I knew we could help.”

The furniture was delivered and within minutes students were using it as a gathering place.  Principal Helber said “The collaborative learning space that ROI graciously donated provides an opportunity for our students to collaborate, gather, study, and socialize in a less formal environment.  There are many opportunities for the creation of these spaces around the school building.  These types of spaces add to the culture of the school by encouraging student collaboration.  Our students and staff have enjoyed the addition of this space at Saline High.”

The type of furniture was an important consideration.  With 1,800 students at the High School, availability was a key consideration.  “It was very important for us to specify the right product for this application.  We didn’t choose Kimball until after we determined the application.  We knew Kimball could help us solve this challenge,” said Greg Gozdor.

“This is a wonderful partnership that benefits our entire community” said Superintendent Graden.

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  1. January 8, 2013 4:28 pm

    Really interesting story! Shared spaces and furniture that stimulate collaborations seem to be on the rise! I think that encouraging students to cooperate and giving them the right space to do so is key for their personal growth! Well done!

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