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Clear Vision & Strategy

December 1, 2012

Reading a recent article in McKinsey Quarterly by Colin Price titled, Leadership and the art of plate spinning reminded me how important the Strategic Framework Committee really is to success of Saline Area Schools.

Price notes,

….our research shows that the most successful organizations, over the long term, consistently focus on “enabling” things (leadership, purpose, employee motivation) whose immediate benefits aren’t always clear. These healthy organizations, as we call them, are internally aligned around a clear vision and strategy; can execute to a high quality thanks to strong capabilities, management processes, and employee motivation; and renew themselves more effectively than their rivals do. In short, health today drives performance tomorrow.

Change, obviously, is often needed in response to emerging student needs, new legislation/regulations, and  financial challenges. However, constant or sudden change is unsettling and destabilizing for schools and individuals alike. With all the changes public education is facing  – having a clear vision and strategy is key to the health of the organization.

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