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There is no lesson plan for a tragedy…

December 16, 2012

What a weekend… no matter what I was doing over the last two days, my mind kept going back the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

I follow Angela Maiers on Twitter and often read her blog.  She summed up many of the thoughts I have had as we prepare for Monday.

She wrote,

There is no lesson plan for that. There is no magic strategy or super app that can look children in the face and assure them that the world will be well again….. You have just been reminded of why we are indispensable  and why no one can simply walk in off the street and do our work. You are in this position of privilege to do one thing like no other person on earth can do: TEACH

Our teachers, support staff and administrators will need to be prepared to move forward – the 5,300 students that will enter our buildings tomorrow deserve our best.

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