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Seeking Feedback

November 6, 2014

At times, our community seems small. Small enough that I feel I could spend 10 minutes at Benny’s or Tim Hortons on a Friday morning and hear the true opinion of our school district. Then, with the Internet bringing the world to our fingertips and busy schedules rushing us past each other, there are times it can seem large. I feel I could never know what people are really thinking.

Every day I am charged with creating an environment that ensures every student’s success while also ensuring that I responsibly oversee our citizens’ investment. I am committed to this work, but I know it will take more than me as an individual and my ideas to make Saline Area Schools the best it can be. And how can I be sure my actions match the community’s priorities?

That is why we’re launching our 2014 Community Survey this month. I want to hear from every person in the Saline community. It doesn’t matter if you have a student in our school system or not. It doesn’t matter if you have lived here for less than a year or your entire life. Your voice matters.

Every person has an important role to play in our district. Every perspective can help shape our future. And it will take all of us coming together to ensure we have prepared our students to succeed after they graduate from our schools.

I hope you will join the conversation and partner with us in a dialogue that will support our students.

Please take the survey now by visiting and clicking on the “Community Survey” button on the lefthand side.

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  1. Rose Wagner permalink
    November 6, 2014 9:44 am

    Work on the dress code. Boys need to keep pants up shoes tied etc.
    girls tops not so low skirts dresses shorts not tight and not do short.
    Seems like Saline is lacking in this compared to other schools in the area. Each student should be sent home with a copy of a dress code which must be ENFORCED.

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