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Lifelong Learners

July 14, 2015


To be invested in learning throughout one’s life is part of the mission statement for the Saline Area Schools.  What is exciting for me is to witness how well the Saline Area Schools staff embody that mission over the summer!  Through social media, staff members are posting of their learning opportunities from all around the country.  Updates are posted from New York to Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Oregon and even Finland as teachers and administrators seek training to enhance the experiences for all Saline students.  For Saline teachers, the summer is a time to learn!

I follow along on Twitter as teachers post what they are reading, participating in focused chat sessions, and networking with other educational leaders from across the country, and around the world.  And it is that leadership that we need now – more than ever before – from all of the teachers. Teacher leaders bring innovative ideas from other educational gurus and technology experts to a district that is already at the forefront of instruction and learning.  How exciting that the teachers model in their personal lives the same outcomes that we hope to instill in the students:  lifelong learners and leaders.

Bringing excellence to teaching and learning, and leading the way for others to emulate is a source of pride in the Saline Area Schools.  Teacher leaders, those that seek to improve continuously, will return to school in the fall with new, innovative approaches to instruction and pedagogy.  It is with pride that we follow these teachers on their learning adventures.  How exciting that they have the drive to strive for excellence in all that they do; the students of the Saline Area Schools are the most fortunate recipients of that learning.

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