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School is only a few days away… We want your feedback!

August 31, 2016

Welcome back to another exciting year in Saline Area Schools!

Whether you’re a parent whose child is entering our schools for the first time or the veteran parents of a soon-to-graduate senior, I want you to be involved and help make this year our best one yet.

But I also know how busy you are — and, as the school year continues, there are going to be even more demands on your time and attention.

That’s why we offer Let’s Talk!  It is a great way for you to ask questions or submit comments about the issues that matter most to you, whenever it’s convenient — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Many of you used the system last fall during our successful bond campaign.

I hope to repeat that successful community engagement this year.

Questions about a district program? Have something to share about your child’s school?  Want to weigh in on our district budget or school safety? Whatever’s on your mind, we want to hear it!

Simply open the Let’s Talk! tab at, or click here to start a conversation. You may remain anonymous, but if you leave your contact information you’re guaranteed a personal response.

We want to help all of our students find success and realize their potential. And we can do it by working together — one conversation at a time!

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