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Great teams are behind great schools

November 14, 2016

In Saline, we are on a constant quest for the pursuit of excellence. As superintendent, I am grateful to have the privilege of working with a tremendous team of professionals who support our students, community and each other every day.

However, across the country and in our own backyard, there is a shortage of people that we rely on everyday to make the system work.  This includes:

  •      Substitute teachers
  •      Custodians
  •      Paraeducators
  •      Bus drivers
  •      Food service workers

We are not immune to the national shortage of talented, qualified and committed individuals whom we need to work in our district and be a part of our success.  So I am asking you, the Saline community, to help identify a few outstanding candidates, who are qualified and want to work in the community, supporting our students and our schools.  Can you to identify your friends, family and neighbors, who may be looking for new employment opportunities and a chance to make a difference in a child’s life?

Individuals hired in the above-mentioned positions become Saline Area Schools employees, earn service credit toward a pension and, depending upon the number of hours worked, may also have access to other district benefits such as health care, dental, vision, and life insurance. Additionally, thanks to the bonds approved last fall, we have seen and will continue to see significant improvement to our district’s infrastructure, various facility upgrades and new buses, making for a fun, fresh and safe environment in which to work. Finally, our paraeducators, food service employees and bus drivers work almost exclusively on school days, making these positions ideal for parents of school age children.

We are also on a constant quest for qualified substitute teachers and substitute paraeducators. For more information about the qualification requirements as well as the employment arrangement please visit and click on “Working as a Substitute.”

There is no doubt, that we have a great team in place now to support our students. I am proud and excited to come to work everyday. I relish the fact, that we are a community school district. That our staff can be seen in the community eating at local restaurants and shopping along Michigan Ave., or walking on the street and in the park. We are a community watching over our students and looking out for one another.  It is for that reason that I am looking to our community to find the best people to fill these jobs.

While our jobs can be challenging at times, I believe the rewards far outweighs the challenges. Our community continues to grow, as do additional opportunities to grow within the district.  If you know of anyone who is interested, please let them know about the current job openings and encourage them to visit and click on “Job Postings” to apply.

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