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Learning from Success

November 18, 2016

This week I had the opportunity to work with several administrators and teachers regarding how Saline Area Schools can continue to make progress in our  efforts to improve.  Basically, we were living our motto, “The Pursuit of Excellence”  and we explored issues related to leadership, instructional models, modern curriculum, digital ecosystems, and professional learning.

When we were discussing leadership and the ability to change culture – we talked about how we actually like the culture of Saline Area Schools.  How we are in a good place to focus on continuous improvement.  I was struck by how this is a different conversation than when there is a crisis or a clear indication of under-performance.  I was reminded about a conversation our administrative team had with Bob Quinn this summer, when he asked what is the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher?

This led me to a lecture from Ryan Quinn (Yes, Bob’s son), where he explores the findings of his research on “Learning from Success” and the potential negative impact success can have on an organization.  Thankfully, he talks about how to avoid the negative.

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