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Summer Online Learning – Points to Consider

June 14, 2017


Over the last few years, many Saline students have used the summer as an opportunity to take online courses.  The number has grown from 78 in 2014 to 192 (so far!) in 2017. Many students take summer classes to create more room/flexibility in a traditional high school schedule. Some take advantage of the credit recovery option. Others are intent upon advancement to a higher level of study in school. Whatever the reason, online classes taken during the summer help students keep their academic skills sharp. They appear more focused and ready to start school in the fall.

Here are a few key points to consider if you or your child/student is interested in taking an online course:  

Time Management – Students will need to learn and develop time management skills.  Faced with flexibility on when to work on their course, many students struggle to develop an effective pace to make the workload necessary to complete the course.  Studying for online is much the same as traditional – it still requires note taking, reading, etc.

Online = Easier – There is a common misconception that online is easier or faster than traditional courses.  Most often, they are not.  What is different is the flexibility that students have to learn at their own pace and complete assignments when they so choose.

Try Something New – Often, the coursework that is available online is not offered in the traditional classroom. Students can explore world cultures, languages, and specific areas of study that are of interest to them. Online learning can spark an area of interest or passion where the student was previously unaware.

Online courses are not an “instant” fix for students that have not been successful in traditional classrooms; it’s just a different way of presenting the material. Sometimes, tutoring is necessary, just as it might be for students taking taking traditional classes.

If you would like more information about online learning opportunities with Saline Area Schools, contact your child’s guidance counselor or Mrs. Carol Melcher at 734-401-4040. The application for summer online learning is available online. A list of available courses is included with the application. The summer session is short. If you’re interested in an online learning experience for your child, please enroll by June 20, 2017.

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