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December 31, 2017


no-resolutionI am not typically a person who makes resolutions around the New Year.  However, this year, I feel as though it is a good time for me to make few related to my role within the Saline Area Schools.

I resolve to focus efforts on the SAS Learner Profile.

We have established the learner profile as a guide.  The SAS staff has embraced the “compass,” and we are seeing new and creative lessons focused on the enhancing the students’ pursuits of the eight learner attributes.  For this to create a lasting impact, we need to continue to keep the focus on developing quality learning opportunities for all students.

I resolve to communicate with the staff & community.

Over the years, I have learned that sharing information with, and listening to parents, staff and community members serves to strengthen our district.  It takes time and focused effort to make sure that I am available and open to listening and sharing. I plan to host more Community Conversations and Community Forums.  I will also encourage groups to invite me to attend their meetings and events where I can talk about Saline Area Schools.  You can always use “Let’s Talk” to share a comment, compliment or concern with me directly.

I resolve to model lifelong learning.

As a district, we are focused on developing all students as lifelong learners.  With this in mind, it is essential that we model this as a staff.  I will continue to seek out learning opportunities including reading, attending professional conferences, site-visits to innovative school districts, graduate school courses and learning from my professional learning network.


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