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School Board members Deserve Recognition

January 18, 2018



l to r: Scott Hummel, Karen Delhey, Paul Hynek, Tim Austin, Heidi Pfannes, Dennis Valenti, Michael McVey

As citizen leaders, our School Board Members face complex and demanding challenges.  They are often described as having the most important volunteer jobs in the country and continue to face the toughest challenges in elected American government.  School board members are regular citizens with extraordinary dedication to our nation’s public schools. As a leader and staff member at Saline Area Schools, I would like to recognize the vital contributions of these men and women and the crucial role they play in the education of our children.

Public education is the backbone of American Society, and local School Boards are deeply rooted in US tradition.  It is the foundation on which our democracy was built.  Today School Boards continue to do the most important work of their communities – that of educating our youth.

School board members come from a variety of backgrounds, yet they share a common goal – helping students achieve in school and life.  As a state, Michigan has faced many challenges, but the key to a brighter future is a strong public education system.

The month of January marks the annual observance of School Board Recognition Month.  This is a time to show our appreciation and begin to better understand how local trustees work together to prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders.  In January, please join me in thanking our Saline Area Schools Board of Education Members for their continued service to our students and community.

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