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October 2, 2019

Saline Area Schools has determined the need to review and update the district’s existing strategic framework.  According to Board of Education President Paul Hynek “The review, revising, and implementation of the strategic framework is essential to the future success of Saline Area Schools.”  It is obvious that the future will bring unprecedented complexity at an ever-increasing rate of speed, and that Saline Area Schools must be in a position to respond effectively to these challenges. It is important that this update effort, and the resulting plan document, be developed with broad school and community involvement to guarantee the best and most comprehensive thinking possible on behalf of current and future students of Saline. To that end, the Saline Area Schools Strategic Framework Review Committee will be formed.

Committee Responsibilities:

1. Develop a working understanding of the various elements of a sound and successful planning process.

2. Utilize a planning process in a meaningful and well-coordinated fashion to review and update the existing Strategic Framework.

3. Develop the specific action plan elements of the strategic framework update for recommendation to the administration and board.  It has been pre-determined that the existing Vision and Mission statements will be maintained. Four specific areas of focus have also been determined.  However, a review of district progress made during the last several years; identification of specific action plans for each focus area, measurement instruments, standards of excellence to be achieved, timelines for implementation and responsible individuals need to be determined.

4. Ensure the plan elements are clear and coherent so that all members of the school community may understand

  •  the interrelated nature of the plan’s component elements,
  •  the plan’s intent, and
  •  how their efforts to serve children support achievement of the district’s vision and mission. 


The committee will meet 6-7 times between November, 2019  and May, 2020. After the initial full group kick-off meeting, groups will be divided in the 4 goal areas of the framework.  Each goal area will have 15-20 committee members. The committee will complete the development of the process and initial elements of the plan for recommendation to the board prior to June, 2020.    

Applications are being accepted through October 15th.  Apply at:

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