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Strategic Framework – Let’s Talk

November 17, 2019

Over the last several weeks, in several related blog posts, I have posed questions. How do we measure success? Are technology and innovation the same? Why can’t positive change happen overnight?  These questions are targeted and focused on one primary goal: to ensure that Saline Area Schools continues on a positive trajectory of continuous growth.

A few weeks ago, we sent out a request for volunteers. The ask was specific to the work necessary for the revision and revitalization of the Saline Area Schools’ Strategic Framework. I also asked for volunteers to help continue to develop our Strategic Framework. In the words of our Board President, Paul Hynek, “The review, revising, and implementation of the strategic framework is essential to the future success of Saline Area Schools.” We can’t, and honestly should not – do it alone.  I thank all of you that have volunteered to serve on the Strategic Framework Review Committee. The first meeting is on November 18th.

To extend our efforts, we would like to open up the conversation to everyone. Even if your children graduated many years ago, it is vital to hear from as many Saline residents as possible.

As a reminder, the Strategic Framework revolves around four goals areas:

  • Student Achievement
  • Family Engagement
  • School Environment 
  • Fiscal Responsibility 

More information around these goals can be found here on the Saline Area Schools website. 

Do these focus areas adequately define the Saline Area Schools? What is missing? Where should the focus lie as we look toward the next decade? Do you have any general feedback on the framework that you would like to share?

Please visit our Let’s Talk! Page dedicated to this discussion. Together, we can continue in the Pursuit of Excellence that defines the Saline Area Schools.

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