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We See You, We Hear You, You Are Valued

June 2, 2020

Public education designed for real access and opportunities, and free of institutionalized barriers, is a fundamental building block of a brighter future for all.  It is necessary to remove and combat ignorant and often deadly ideologies like the racism that have led to this current boiling point in our society.  

My role needs not to be that of a gatekeeper.  I should not be involved with determining who has opportunities to be heard, to feel valued, and to contribute to a positive future.  More voices, and in particular, those voices that have not been a part of the conversation must be heard.

I would like to make it clear that Saline Area Schools is here to offer support to any student struggling during these turbulent times. School and life can be chaotic and stressful enough without COVID and the tragedy of violence against innocent people. Students are inundated with such immense stresses – be that academically or socially – and we are always here to help students learn how to cope, manage and find ways to focus on working to improve their communities during these stressful times. 

We are a community that does not support violence, discrimination, racism, or prejudicial treatment. As a nation, we must demand equality for all races. As one Saline community, we must support each other during this time of turbulence and unrest, especially our Black community members. For our families of color, we see you, hear you, stand by you, and value you. We must defend and support each and every member of our community.

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