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Focus on execution…

January 15, 2013

It’s pretty easy to come up with great ideas.  It’s also fairly easy to develop solid plans.  The key is execution… can you execute your plan?  Can you take a great idea and implement it well?  Executing is an art and a science – especially in an educational setting where the goal is to benefit students, families, staff and communities.  A great idea or program that is poorly implemented is no better than a poor idea/program.

It’s important that once we know what we want to do, we take the time to think about how best to implement.  This is a concept I want to keep in the forefront as we go through the Strategic Framework revision. I have no doubt that the community members and staff helping this process will take great ideas and develop strong plans – the key is for us as a school community to implement the plans in a manner that benefits our students and community.

I was recently given a quote from John Stumpf, the CEO of Wells Fargo by a community member about the importance of executing.

“We always say we could leave our strategic plan on an airplane, somebody could pick it up, and it wouldn’t matter.  It’s all about execution.  It’s how you hire, how you inspire, your culture, how you reward, how you celebrate victories, how you deal with disappointments.  This is easy to talk about, but it is all in the execution.

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