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Seven Keys to College Readiness

January 22, 2013

Montgomery County Public Schools is widely considered one of the highest performing school districts in the country.  In 2009, they produced their “Seven Keys to College Readiness” that provided important guidance for families from kindergarten through high school.  With the Common Core and other adjustments to curriculum coming nest year, they are in the process of redefining the keys.

Recently, Montgomery Superintendent Joshua Starr indicated they need broaden the system’s definition of student success to include skills not measured in standardized tests — such as persistence, motivation and grit — in addition to traditional academic learning focused on reading and math.

I am very interested to see how their new keys develop.  Montgomery County Public Schools has 149,000 students and over 11,000 teachers.  They have the resources and internal research capacity that most of us can only dream about, however, we are also working to redefine student success with the revisions to Goals #1 & #2 of our Strategic Framework.

In a few months, we will be able to compare notes….

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